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Look what I’ve found: Stony & Hemp Videos

Recently I’ve found some video gems of me with a bluesy funk band called Stony & Hemp…upon my search I’ve found a video list called Stony and Hemp Live w/ Camisha HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! Thanks to the fan(s) that have compiled a nice collection.  From past blog entries in 2012 these videos can follow past gigs from Berryhill, Jailhouse Saloon, Dan Electros, and The Big Easy just to name a few…

Axes: mostly MTD KZX/Fender Deluxe 24

Rig: Behringer BVT 4500H/Bugera 4×10 cab


Shelter Me Lord

Check’s in the mail

Shaky Ground (live at Jailhouse Saloon)

Shaky Ground (live at Berryhill)

Swing all day (A fast Bluesy tune)

Shape I was in

No Woman No Cry

(something bluesy)

Sissy Strut


The C.I.T.Y. rehearses “Superbad”

Snippet of @_theCITY rehearsing “Superbad”


Rig: Ampeg BA-12


“Da Butt” with The C.I.T.Y. at Prive

Here’s a hyped snippet from a gig with @_the CITY at Prive [Houston] on December 14. Enjoy!


Axe: MTD 635

Rig: Ampeg BA-15


as this year creeps to progress it behooves me to be a different person that what i have become back in 2012.  a bit disgruntled about what transpired in one of the most revered places to my knowledge.  in a sense i’ve lost the very person i aimed to preserve so much.  my relationship with God is very important and somehow i got too rooted in my work at the very place of refuge that on a devastating scale i’ve become disillusioned with it all…
I need to go forth to perform awe inspiring deeds for God’s people.  point blank.  no need to defend myself from unintelligent remarks and such.  especially if they’re not my support system. i must realign my priorities and vision before 2013 will be my event horizon and 2014-____ will be my abysmal dwellings to hell
I need to go forth to perform awe inspiring deeds for God’s people…

The C.I.T.Y. Auditions on the Urban Television Network

Earlier today The C.I.T.Y. reconvened for a talent audition on the Urban Television Network (HOU:TX). Consisting of:
•vocals (mics, speaker)

Our bodies and equipment occupied much of the tiny space allotted for this brief audition BUT being over prepared has its perks. The judges and company weren’t prepared for our artistic and physical capacity but were astounded by our performance and ease of adjustment. More to come in the future so stay tuned.

Check out some footage

Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2

I have a new baby!!!! amp that is.

Between MarkBass, Gallien-Kruger MB series, Ampeg’s PF series, etc. I’m glad to have finally buckled down on a notable brand delivering a mad obese sound in such a bulimic package (too vulgar eh?). Especially for the cab Got a Genz Benz shuttle 9.2 is a perfect pairing companion. 900 watts at 4 ohms and much more to offer, this four pounder is gonna fit nicely in my purse!

First gig of 2013 with the C.I.T.Y.

Gig. friday. Which Friday? THIS FRIDAY.





Check out the pics from the show!!!
First Fridays with The C.I.T.Y.