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What’s your role in ministry?

Ministry (as transcribed roughly from a conversation from Bishop Lester Blount)
•to much is given much is required
•Make full proof of your job

  • be in a very intense (serious) state of mind or u won’t take seriously the price of iberty; thus becoming complacent and losing focus

“2 attitudinal approaches to service”
*Hebrews 11-svc from reward based on evaluation of self [if every man]
-Many ppl come for reward; no matter what they get thy feel there’s more to deserve (what service renders)
*Romans 12:1-2 present ur body as a living sacrifice, which is ur reasonable service-not bc of what I expect to receive but what is already done.  Out of gratitude for it’s already done (not attitude of what I can receive)
(Chester Baldwin-Im an instrument…he made me not or myself he made me so I can help somebody else)

•do what you can (paralytic in mark)
-if each of the four men lowered the man through the roof.  Less participation becomes a heavier load onto those still participating

When u have ur hands to find somethingthats good do with all of ur might
•have an expectation-expect it to be done and that it will be done, not God’s gonna do it
•don’t say it but do it-if one person takes the initiative to do

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mediatech studio session 6-25-2011

the word that tells all for my week is STUDIO. my last studio session ended around 3:30am this morning and was a for real “9-5er” (well, 6:30p-3:30a). a room full of engineers and about 80% of them wanted to play with our instruments…all of us talents were being nice but REALLY we wer all thinking the same thing “ummm this studio won’t wire itself, soooo go set stuff up please lol” (trust me we chatted about this when they were away). anyways, exhausting it may’ve been fun it was definitely as i was surrounded by cool engineers, musicians, and groupies.

too bad i don’t have a pic of myself but above that’s just a pic of my auxiliaries-what assisted in my success in this studio session. of course i was tweeting away and followed about almost all of the ppl in the studio (got them followbacks for those who r concerned). anyways, s/o to those who made tonight’s project a success @drepierre (musician) @yobeerocka (musician) @JMACKIN88 (musician) @ecook3 (groupieluv) @YungNiggaHustle (co-EXEC engineer) @ITSJUSTIFIED (co-EXEC engineer) @WiFisWorld (engineer) @BabyBoiTM (engineer) @SkyHighJI (engineer)

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