Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

5th Sunday at “the Luke” and Alexis Spight

So I’m subbing for Barry Jackson at St. Luke’s Missionary Baptist in Humble, TX. Warm reception from the people (I even reconnected with cousins that I haven’t seen in years), good music to usher in the spirit and solid word from the pulpit. Check them out in Humble Sundays 8am and 10am.

Me and my buddies in the band
had a good time gelling and I enjoyed aggressive worship for a change…seriously. I miss worshiping in such an aggressive nature but the money has been coming from more conservative pockets (no biggie, but anyways…)

One of the many layers of icing on the cake was to minister behind the talented vocalist and Sunday’s Best finalist Alexis Spight. The chosen selections were Kierra Sheard’s rendition of “Indescribable” and Smokey Norful’s “No One Else” which both erupted a torrential ease of worship. Both services were awesome…

Now most ppl who know me are aware that I don’t watch much TV (if any) nor did I know of such a church vocal competition but after 2 svcs of high energy and a young woman who sang me into my chair I was compelled to make time and watch some episodes off of a friend’s DVR. Wow! I really have been laying under a rock!

Axe: Le Americano
Rig: Gallien-Kruger MB210 combo ran through beautifully placed subs throughout the sanctuary #UberScore


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