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Jack Freeman at the M-Lounge

A nightmare of a case where my team brought our A game and the venue was nowhere near the stadium…two tumultuous hours of endurance. Battling the elements of
•faulty equipment
•incompetent employees/promoters (that widely displayed)
•inept business etiquette

Sound check’s at 8pm but the previous segment “poetry night” gladly ran over their allotted time. I believe soundcheck’s time was adjusted to 8:45 for a 9-11 set…and the poetry host tried to charge us up with “please respect the mic” as we were bringing in our gear BUUUUUUT

•there was no mic (faulty equipment prevails…once again)
•we’re on time for our segment

As we exhausted the condensed time for sound check the “breaker” tripped in our area…3 times if I recall. And the manager just said “too much power is being used”…well if this is a high maintenance establishment in terms of electricity usage that should NEVER be the problem eh? Well, it’s definitely a first.

In the middle of our quick set a manager and an underling comes on stage and the manager directs the underling where to place something. Of course that poor chap was misguided to have intruded the entertainment’s territory [ON STAGE] whilest performing (YES IN FRONT OF THE CROWD) to plug in two on stage fans BUT also careless enough as he unplugged me and Jack in the middle of a SONG [‘doing the butt’]! (this falls under work environment elements 2 & 3). When he was asked a few times in English then Spanish he just said that he was doing his job. Well he sure did NOT do such a good job!

Well, the deejay setup was MacGuyver’d to where the mic preamp toggle button was enabled…and had to be dealt with accordingly after every unplugging mishap and breaker trip. But as it was on the mic was going through what looked to be a decent setup YET some phantom limiter wouldn’t allow the volume knob to work on the mixer AND it sounded like he was singing an order at MacDonald’s….

Yes it was a brief nightmare but we did have a standing crowd through it all. I guess that’s all that counts. I’m not trying to send would be customers elsewhere because the party still went on throughout the expansive space.

axe: Fender Deluxe 24
Rig: Ampeg BA115

Name change up?

[sidenote] I’m content with being complex but some simple folk out there may not understand akuma le americano THUS I may just rename the latest reacquisition baby MOSES (peep the neck)

Akuma’s public debut

planned for the night were three engagements. First was a band audition out in “olde town” Spring that went well.

Amp: fender 15B

Akuma and I passed through the Renaissance Suite (monthly musician’s jam last Tuesdays) at 4816 almeda. Experiencing the pure essence of lie music uncut, I pulled it out and it sang ever so sweetly…

•ART effects processor (just EQ and noise gate enabled)
•Trace Elliott GP12 series 6 through GK 4×10 cab





Akuma’s quick debut

So I’ve finally got Akuma back from my friend and now I’m en route to Ozona, TX for my grandfather’s funeral…with Akuma in tow. Yes those high strings is gonna help me minister through voice and song. Right now I’m just enduring the ride…an 8 hr trip

End is always near ;-(

Well, my ties with stony&hemp turned downstairs mixup has ended due to creative differences…and such. They’re my bros beyond the stage and I wish them the best at the IBC

Introducing Akuma

today I’m showing Akuma, my MTD635hybrid. This particular 635 has an ash body and a Moses graphite neck (0_0) that’s so playable that i didnt even mind the bastardization of such a good product. With standard tuning it adds a refreshing alternative into my low end arsenal.

Look up MTD and the acronym’s dissolved and expanded into the name of a legend amongst bass luthiers and players. Michael Tobias has been successful in custom creating basses and guitars as well as mass producing a good product (apparently so as I’m a 2x Kingston abuser).

•Japanese for demon or devil or Gouki
•works perfectly for the look of the bass
•(in my book) breaking such a cardinal sin with the hybridness I thought that the term was fitting
•yes, a Street Fighter character holds the same name. Coincidence? I think not!
[quick reference to Dos/Don’ts of names]





Jack Freeman croons at Ovations

Setting: Ovations, Rice Village, Houston, TX. Saturday night 9/15/2012 around 9:45. One lead singer. Two backup singers (Lyndsay Freeman-_____ and a big bright tones gentleman). Four piece band: Cali on keys, Eggy on drums, Jimmy on guitar and me on bass.

Weapons of choice: condensed set with the best sound called for the gig.
•Ampeg 100 watt BA-15 combo
•Fender Jazz 4str
•Comfort Strapp
•Monster cable

@_jackfreeman swooned and crooned the feminine atmosphere with selections from his latest highly anticipated album Dark Liquoras well as known selections from his previous hit album.

This all woman audience clinger to their seats for some soft sensual vocal lines that their boyfriends envied. Vintage soul. It’s been a minute since I’ve played there…it’s still small and stuffy but the scenery was perfect for what they hoped for.