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IT’S SHOWTIME! At Showtime with The C.I.T.Y.

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This is just a brief video of how awesome this birthday party went down at 6230 Calhoun this Sunday night. Truly I can attest that pre-judging a package will nullify your expectations of its contents. They appreciated our music and fueled our presentation thus love was overflowing. Can I consider this the livest party yet, in a hole in a wall?


The CITY at Barron Studios


SXSW invasion with The C.I.T.Y.

Saturday evening. ATX. aka Music Haven, TX.  SXSW [south-by-south-west] has taken over ATX [austin, tx] every Spring Break that i can recall, and it’s been fun AND stressful being one of many Many MANY  participants…to play in some venues planning comes in handy…PARKING can be a nightmare if you’re not sure of the location, timing, accessibility, etc….wow, i’ve just typed mad characters on a digression moment.


Soooooo, The C.I.T.Y. turned up Saturday night and turnedout the entire block, with devout C.I.T.Y.folk and newfound fans claiming to have witnessed one of the best shows out here this SXW…YES we came, we performed errrrrr PARTIED and conquered da block and left out like a couple of musical bandits.


Peep this article snippet from a pleased critic:

One band, The C.I.T.Y., who’s from Houston, TX and creating a buzz of their own around the city, shut down the whole block of Congress with their own performance segment in front of Ms. P’s Electric Cock at 1101 South Congress.  With their tunes mixed with funk, soul, r&b, hip hop, and even a little rock, The C.I.T.Y. showed Austin they were a force to be reckoned with as a crowd gathered on the block of all ages ranging from little kids to older adults who were all jamming and partying to the tunes.  “We don’t just perform, we party,” said RaShard, the lead singer of the band.  And they definitely started a block party on the Congress strip.

Read the rest of the article here: City Girl Magazine/s SXSW Recap

Just a snippet of what happened last Saturday night in ATX…enjoy AND LEARN THE MOVES TO THE SONG!!!!

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The CITY performs at House of Dereon [HOU:TX]

February 20, 2013. All-Star Weekend 2013 is over [thank GOD!] now The C.I.T.Y. can perform in less hectic quarters like House of Dereon-Downtown HTX.  The weekly WordofMouf showcase hosted a plethora of talented poets, singers and musicians along with a few selections from The C.I.T.Y.  throughout the night.   Another successful invasion by the CITY occurred…again.





Look what I’ve found: Stony & Hemp Videos

Recently I’ve found some video gems of me with a bluesy funk band called Stony & Hemp…upon my search I’ve found a video list called Stony and Hemp Live w/ Camisha HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! Thanks to the fan(s) that have compiled a nice collection.  From past blog entries in 2012 these videos can follow past gigs from Berryhill, Jailhouse Saloon, Dan Electros, and The Big Easy just to name a few…

Axes: mostly MTD KZX/Fender Deluxe 24

Rig: Behringer BVT 4500H/Bugera 4×10 cab


Shelter Me Lord

Check’s in the mail

Shaky Ground (live at Jailhouse Saloon)

Shaky Ground (live at Berryhill)

Swing all day (A fast Bluesy tune)

Shape I was in

No Woman No Cry

(something bluesy)

Sissy Strut


The C.I.T.Y. rehearses “Superbad”

Snippet of @_theCITY rehearsing “Superbad”


Rig: Ampeg BA-12


“Da Butt” with The C.I.T.Y. at Prive

Here’s a hyped snippet from a gig with @_the CITY at Prive [Houston] on December 14. Enjoy!


Axe: MTD 635

Rig: Ampeg BA-15