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Playing at Melanie Mitchell’s 50th Birthday musical celebration

At Covenant Glen I played for a birthday celebration, but not just any celebration. Filled with high energy and high spirit the original music this celebration was shifted onto a new level. It was definitely an event worth taking a moment to partake in and to remember.

Axe: MTD KZ6mod
Amp: Ampeg BA-15 combo

Christmas play near Christmas day!

Tonight at First Metropolitan Church is the last show for the this highly anticipated Christmas play.

Saturday’s show: MTD 635 through an Eden Setup
Sunday’s show: MTD KZX through an Eden Setup

Dulché Soul at Harlem Nights

Dulché Soul made it feel like the Cotton Club tonight! we balanced out the show with straight-ahead jazz and set the seductive atmosphere as people dressed the…especially the burlesque dancers. It was a great show!

On the Facebook fan page a fan even wrote:

Once again!!!! To show up and show out. You guys ate truly amazing. God blessed each one of u with a great talent and knowing a few of u and how humble u guys r states even more. Looking forward to seeing this group grow and prosper cause y’all r FIYAH!!!





13th annual Christmas Cantata

Held at Payne Cathedral African Methodist Episcopal Church, this fantastic event was no disappointment! 13-15 songs. 1.5 hr event. I sight read it all and it was a fun show…also, sight reading is fun too.

amp: Ampeg SVT-4 & 4×10
Axe: Fender Deluxe 24



Gig with The C.I.T.Y.

Goodbye Miami. Hello money. Within a day of returning to work I’ve jammed with The C.I.T.Y. We rehearsed on Thursday night from 10pm-midnight annnnnnd we rocked the show within the next next 18 hours. These guys are top notch performers. I’m glad I put in time on the beach to study the set list because everything went efficiently. Check out the footage below:


Merry Christmas Baby-live at Next Level Lounge


Axe: Fender 24 Deluxe

Rig: Ampeg BA-15


Im flying back to Houston from something i thought to be frivolous but to be what the doctor ordered. Monday I flew to Miami for a vacation. Not a emergency getaway nor a work related job on paradise but a real vacay. I wandered around North Miami (residence) and South Beach for fun in the sun and more. For the first time in a long time (1.5 years to be exact) I was in a place strictly for fun. I really didn’t know what to do because I’m not used to down time…and on top of that I was studying music for a rehearsal upon t arrival back to da H.

I meditated and realigned my life and priorities. I read and studied academic materials. I embraced relaxation with a dash of work…on this vacation of mine.












Jack Freeman at the Continental Club (HOU)

Tonight Jack Freeman opens up for Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys second album release.

Jack Freeman hit the stage hard with his crooner style swooning the ladies (and the fellas as good sports) for a solid 45 minutes.

[amp: MarkBass III head & 4×10 cab axe: Fender Deluxe 24]

Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys are playing from 10-midnight. Hailing from Austin, TX they’ve traveled “far” to bring some awesome music.

Backing up Akina is an 8 piece band with a tight sound:

•Brass (alto sax & trumpet)
•Guitars (rhythm & lead)
•Bass guitar
•Drums & percussion (bongos, tambourine, etc.)
•Keys (Nord board)

Tonight AAVP played hits off of their debut album as well as fresh cuts off of their recent album drop “Say Yes”

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Across the street from the continental club 😏

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