Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtasticfour cutting TRILLMATIC in the stu!!!!

Friday night. East of downtown. Which town? H-town. Loft studio. Nice pad/studio worth boasting about…anyways,@Bandtasticfour is in the stu ready to bring Trillmatic to the masses. Much preparation and creativity has went into this project thanks to the masterminds and in no time the project will be at your fingertips.

Paying homage to a legendary album (easy guess), Trillmatic is more than just a play on words and beats. Each track is handcrafted with organic musical elements and swift lyrical more that WILL keep you listening track after track after…yep you guessed it.

Tonight we’re cutting scratch tracks and tomorrow the drums will cut all tracks for the rest of us to build upon. Now that it’s been realized that I’m not needed beyond moral support I’m about to visit my ailing F-I-L. More to come. Peep some of these pics I managed to snap before my abrupt departure.

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