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I’ve given my KZX a rest as I j jammed all over the place with my 635…nevertheless an MTD axe is such a treat.  That is all.  Carryon

Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2

I have a new baby!!!! amp that is.

Between MarkBass, Gallien-Kruger MB series, Ampeg’s PF series, etc. I’m glad to have finally buckled down on a notable brand delivering a mad obese sound in such a bulimic package (too vulgar eh?). Especially for the cab Got a Genz Benz shuttle 9.2 is a perfect pairing companion. 900 watts at 4 ohms and much more to offer, this four pounder is gonna fit nicely in my purse!


Im flying back to Houston from something i thought to be frivolous but to be what the doctor ordered. Monday I flew to Miami for a vacation. Not a emergency getaway nor a work related job on paradise but a real vacay. I wandered around North Miami (residence) and South Beach for fun in the sun and more. For the first time in a long time (1.5 years to be exact) I was in a place strictly for fun. I really didn’t know what to do because I’m not used to down time…and on top of that I was studying music for a rehearsal upon t arrival back to da H.

I meditated and realigned my life and priorities. I read and studied academic materials. I embraced relaxation with a dash of work…on this vacation of mine.












Music therapy

What was a typical thanksgiving day for many was an atypical one for me to say the least. Wednesday night my father in law was rushed to the hospital and we witnessed his life diminish over the course of the American turkey day. Words, turkey nor dressing couldn’t soften the devastating blow I was experiencing…I guess it’s an inevitable first for me.

Today as I let tears flow I managed to pull out some axes and went shedding for relief. I gotta praise Him anyhow, right? So a 2 nonstop turned into an hour of praise and worship in the company of one. It was necessary. Anyways, some concepts have developed from this brief musical moment and eventually will be shared in a more polished package.

so being in a band makes you a loser?

read this article and tell me [and yourself] if yo0ur determination will meet up with reality…for some people, It’s never too late to become normal guy.


MTD-Setting up your Bass

From the legendary maker himself! and instructional video on caring for your bass in a way. i remember chatting with him on several occasions at NAMM ’12. Good guy and awesome bass maker


update on my sanity: a relevant aside

tonight i’ve calmed down from my ‘kid in a candy store’ syndrome…nahhh, more like the ’10 black stiletto pairs just isn’t enough!’ syndrome.  i’ve calmed down because though i would love to invest in such a beautiful boutique bass i want to SURPASS my current position in life…yes i DESIRE MORE…of course i’ll improve but the working conditions must improve as well.  when i’m spending more time on the road i’ll consider those axes that makes my trigger finger quiver. i’ve acquiesced to my inner shoe addict the most logical decision…no tears were shed, just a sigh from my wallet.