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so being in a band makes you a loser?

read this article and tell me [and yourself] if yo0ur determination will meet up with reality…for some people, It’s never too late to become normal guy.

Kelis Owes $330,500 In Unpaid Taxes

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Kelis Owes $330,500 In Unpaid TaxesIt looks like the megabucks Nas is paying Kelis in child and spousal support isn’t enough to keep Kelis out of financial trouble. The eccentric R&B singer is another celebrity to be behind on taxes.

A tax lien was filed against Kelis in New York City. The government is suggesting Kelis failed to pay taxes in 2004 and 2010 respectively. The total she owes for those two years is $330,426.71. What’s crazy about the situation is Kelis made major bank in the years she didn’t pay her taxes. In 2004, she was the opening act on a Britney Spears tour. Kelis made large sums of money in 2010 when she embarked on a headlining tour with Swedish pop singer Robyn.

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Kelis should know you have got to pay Uncle Sam when…

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