Camisha Ruffins, Bassist


Look what I’ve found: Stony & Hemp Videos

Recently I’ve found some video gems of me with a bluesy funk band called Stony & Hemp…upon my search I’ve found a video list called Stony and Hemp Live w/ Camisha HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! Thanks to the fan(s) that have compiled a nice collection.  From past blog entries in 2012 these videos can follow past gigs from Berryhill, Jailhouse Saloon, Dan Electros, and The Big Easy just to name a few…

Axes: mostly MTD KZX/Fender Deluxe 24

Rig: Behringer BVT 4500H/Bugera 4×10 cab


Shelter Me Lord

Check’s in the mail

Shaky Ground (live at Jailhouse Saloon)

Shaky Ground (live at Berryhill)

Swing all day (A fast Bluesy tune)

Shape I was in

No Woman No Cry

(something bluesy)

Sissy Strut

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