Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Performance specs and media

This page is a quick reference of locating blog entries with attached media in corresponding genres performed.



Bandtastic4 live footage

FYRE FACTORY BAND backs up KILLA KYLEON @ the Bronze Peacock room at House of Blues-Houston

Rehearsal Footage of Killa Kyleon

Bandtastic4 live footage

Bandtastic4 at the Mink 4.6.12

Fullmetal F Dot & The Bandtastic 4 Live @ the ‘Death to the Mainstream’ R.1

The Bandtastic Four – live at the Turnin’ Headz showcase @ The Mink Backroom

The Bandtastic Four Sessions: Part 1

Bandtastic4 studio session: part deux

Christian ROCK/CCLI

Archival footage of me playing with Nicholas Zork in Stamford, CT


The C.I.T.Y. at Prive 

The C.I.T.Y. rehearses “Superbad”

Alternative “no labels” genre

Chasing center-studio session [studio snippet]

Doing some work with Magikeye Productions


The latest Youtube treasures found!


Look what I’ve found: Stony & Hemp Videos

The C.I.T.Y. at Next Level Lounge

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