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Musicians shouldnt let fellow musicians play drunk…tired

Its been awhile since Ive played in such an exhausted state.  second service is underway and this 5 hour energy has me in a zombie state.  One more service to go then sleep!  (yay moment)

A new year, a new you

Psalm 1 was made plain to me at last night’s watch night service. From the text Pastor West (Founder, Brookhollow Baptist/Church without walls) meandered to a parallel point-trees. such trees as the world’s oldest (found in Sweden) have endured nature’s fury by the intertangling of the 9500+ yr old roots, reinforcing the underground power for the 600 yr old tree stumps. on the other hand, such trees as the California Redwoods must undergo nature’s slash and burn process in order for future development and prosperity…about every 100 years or so a fire breaks out and burns up all noticeable evidence of Redwoods…to the common person it’s very cruel but that’s expected of the ignorant for the fire is a vital component to it’s future…so to bring it back to human aspects,

*you may seem to be humanly feeble on top but deep down man doesn’t know how connected divinely you are…your church family and others near and dear are your network; for when you seem to lack strength and question God’s motives and such someone near and dear may help take up your slack…talk about an amazing connection! better than facebook and twitter combined!

*in order for us to grow and prosper in our future we must burn our “old selves”

…I’ll give you time to think about it…

TCWW Watch Night with Kirk Franklin

TCWW's rhythm section meet Kirk Frankklin's rhythm section

TCWW’s rhythm section meet Kirk Frankklin’s rhythm section


herbassfulness and Shaun White (Kirk's keys/aux)

herbassfulness and Shaun White (Kirk’s keys/aux)

her bassful;ness and Bobby Sparks (Kirk's organ/aux)

her bassfulness and Bobby Sparks (Kirk’s organ/aux)

Kirk Franklin with Herbassfullness

Kirk Franklin with Herbassfulness