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Productive insomnia


15 to 5am. Wide awake with energy to soak all that I can. It’s a typical night where sleep takes a back seat as hunger takes the driver’s seat. Recently I’ve been presented an opportunity to showcase my skills on a major level so why sleep when your mind aches for musical fulfillment??? Yeah I thought so lol.

Productive insomnia. Yeah my bass is out and i have my head in my books and online educational sources, polishing up what I know an learning stuff that I don’t.

Believe it or not I’m at my mom’s house so I’m laid back quietly playing my bass through the night when my mind is screaming out MoRe power!

Awww this has been an interesting night.

Boy was I dealt the blues at the big easy!!

It’s 2:20am right now, but 2.5 hours earlier I flung myself on stage for my first ham at the big easy off Kirby [hou TX]. I’m not affluent in the genre [blues that is] but as a professional I can BS with ease SO I approached the jam as a hit or miss experience. Well, based on that approach it was a well missed experience. The singer assigned to the jam band through out a standard by name with confidence, and with confidence I honestly admitted that I couldn’t depict the particular baseline by the title at the moment…it was priceless to witness the sheer horror on her face, but I assured her that since it was a standard that I know it…and lighten up-it’s a JAM! Needless to say, w/o my ignorance we were still doomed as the drummer went AWOL from metronomal intelligence and the 2 guitarists were playing obviously different chord progressions. Man that was a ghastly sight to witness!!! But hey there’s a first for everyone.

Crack kills


If you spot this “talented” bassist praise him with a xanex…so he can slow down and progress

Tonight’s venue: Dan Electro’s guitar bar


Yet another jam session I’ve attended. Inconsistent drummers and overly-aggressive bassists I’ve encountered. Songs that were started together (somewhat) were never ended together (no where close)!

A bassist with an ADD/energy management problem couldn’t sand still-just jumping all over the stage EVEN bouncing in front of musicians who were soloing. [Not to be so judgmental but wow-I hate to show my face playing something I don’t know]…

I have to give it to the old chocolate gentleman who took control of this clusterfuck and forced the ADD ridden bassist and band to play a SLOW blues, which allowed them to understand their position in the collective composition. Yeah the bassist was occassionally slapping the fretboard and tapping his feet and such but this is a good start to recovering from asshole-ism.

Of my time here this shift in progress came better late than never but two bands too late for my comfort. I’m trying to stop myself from hiring up this idiot but hey if I don’t then someone else will.

My drummer friend Kevin Berry just told me that the best approach to such jams that it’ll be either magic or tragic.

At the big easy


Slide guitar. Caballero guitar. Solid anglo kick and snare. Banging bass with a faulty amp. All of the ingredients for a good blues jam of various musicians randomly selected to survive a set of songs. Some fly by the seat of their pants while others prevail. That’s the beauty of it all. Jam sessions in a friendly atmosphere is all about fun AS LONG as you know your instrument and have faux-decent knowledge of bluesy rock…enjoy a beer or twelve and enjoy free music like none other in West University

Why look what I found!!

I had a little time to kill before bible study so I managed to run some errands (like cashing checks and eating) when I spotted a brand new Guitar Center off 59S and off of the hey 90 exit.

Clean store. Friendly, knowledgeable associates (that I encountered). Enticing rehearsal spaces. Yummy equipment that’s calling my name BUT I resist.

Check it out after christmas. Let me break it in a bit.

No need to Justify…

It’s Justified @ITSJUSTIFIED. It’s pimpin’ pimpin’. Nah it doesn’t work-but that’s the official twitter account of a “new” artist that’s quite familiar to the game.

Check out @ITSJUSTIFIED behind the scenes Mixtape teaser here:

SIMBA [Studio Performance]

Download Link:

Justified, a talented rapper, audio engineer and all-around cool cat, is a new artist that’s interested in incorporating that live sound to her lyrical vibe [cue: basslines to be dropped].
For updates and future plans of domination in the game follow Justified via the numerous portals:

Twitter: Follow @ITSJUSTIFIED
Youtube: ItsJustifiedMusic