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The C.I.T.Y. parties at Quikstixxx’s wedding

Quikstixxx-The C.I.T.Y’s drummer got married Sunday, April 21st and per requested The C.I.T.Y showed up and showed out!!!! yes the reception was ALMOST not about the lovely bride and groom lol            #wedontperformwePARTY

The CITY shoots music videos


April 12. Rock Center. H-town. USA two music videos were captured. The C.I.T.Y.’s very own “Superbad” (will be released momentarily) and Chris Brown’s Fine China. Enjoy

RoCenter Sessions: “Fine China” performed by @_theCITY

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GREAT weekend … Progress #WelcometoTHECITY

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Behind scenes Super-Bad video

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Behind scenes Super-Bad video

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The C.I.T.Y. comes to Zanzibar to party

The C.I.T.Y. left ATX to return home and party at Zanzibar Houston. Though the crowd wasn’t visually receptive as Austin’s free crowd but we left the set with them jumping and gyrating and wanting more. Hopefully the Houston crowds can be more open to groove during the set. Just saying.

We refreshed the set already blazing set with Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven” and continued to bring the energy til midnight when we were forced to acquiesce our space to the DJ’s reign for the night AWWWW SUCH TORTURE!!! It’s undeniable that we killed our set and plenty of peeps weren’t ready to dance to the DJ yet…you should’ve seen them sitting there and a few asked me “how long is your break?” PROOF that they appreciated our music and show…they just …didn’t…show it like the amazing cool folks in ATX…not to knock our H-TOWN folks but dance and show us some love rather than the emotionless Stepford wives facial expressions….yeah…expressionless, right?

Rihanna-Pour it up

Bruno Mars-Locked out of Heaven