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Renaissance Suite celebrates 1 yr

Last night marked the 1yr anniversary of the Renaissance Suite.

Music therapy

What was a typical thanksgiving day for many was an atypical one for me to say the least. Wednesday night my father in law was rushed to the hospital and we witnessed his life diminish over the course of the American turkey day. Words, turkey nor dressing couldn’t soften the devastating blow I was experiencing…I guess it’s an inevitable first for me.

Today as I let tears flow I managed to pull out some axes and went shedding for relief. I gotta praise Him anyhow, right? So a 2 nonstop turned into an hour of praise and worship in the company of one. It was necessary. Anyways, some concepts have developed from this brief musical moment and eventually will be shared in a more polished package.


Reunited and it feels so good

so i just picked up my first 5 stringer after some years of not playing it due to some electrical issue…now that the bass is fixed i got carte blanche on gutting it out and enhancing it…not gonna leak out any details but when this comes back to mind i’ll release the electrical entrails…also possible cosmetic makeover…in search of suggestions

Morning Studio session

When-time: 10am.
When-day: Wednesday morning.
Where: Houston,TX.
Why am i waking up so early: Studio Session
Artist: Pierre Appata

Artsy room treatment. Creativity doing double duty.

Niño (the engineer) had to step to his next session And left the session in some reliable hands…yep it’s been a minute since I’ve been deep into performing but it’s a peace of cake 😉

Pierre doing triple duty (vox/guitar/bongo)

Niño, a world class engineer

Taking time to set up drums

Soundchecking the drums

Sunday clothes

2 churches. 3 services. money.Money.MONEY! It’s a busy work day that I bet many can relate.


At Mary Olive MBC

Going back to my old stomping grounds. Playing on endorsed equipment. Automated settings. High end gear at my fingertips.




Going back home

Tuesday night. This bittersweet reunion includes some that I dare NOT to rekindle any form of plutonic rship but MAINLY those that came to me and those I found them were those that I wanted to continue communicating with (please mid my sentences ending with prepositions…I’m not gonna change)