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On my way to the Zachary Breaux Jazz Festival

Veered off i10 to the little big town of Port Arthur, TX. Affectionately known as PA, this weekend is dedicated to the HOU invasion and infusion of music at the Zachary Breaux Jazz Festival. It’s definitely a treat to attend and enjoy. Accompanied by my big bro Jelando Johnson who’s planning to play soon and expecting to see to other big bros-Big Ken (bassist for Dean James) and Marcellous Jones (drummer for TX Brass Band)…more to come


Thursdays over and i’ve managed to get some things accomplished!

so earlier this week i’ve stopped by my neighborhood guitarcenter and to my amazement found a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet 4 string MIM fender jazz…no need to judge my intentions but this thing sings in such a way that i just had to have it…so yeah…i put money down on it especially with the help of a hefty discount (about 55%)…more details on it tmrw when it’s in my hands (fingers crossed)


on another note, i’ve overcame a mound of fear and jumped over an obstacle that’ll bring me closer to a more desirable stability…even if creativity may be sacrificed for ¬†livelihood longevity…my recurring conscience thought is “what if?…”

Pedal explorer: my latest acquisition and my ‘almost affair’ with another

Well, on Monday i received a notification that my beloved multi FX board has arrived [BOSS GT-10B]…i picked it up with love and with patience i’ve been reading the manual to really grasp all of its potential; nevertheless i have jumped onto the unit and played around with it with assuming plug and play method…it sounds awesome…more of a detailed report to come…anyways, check out yet a pedal that has tickled my fancy for the SAME price as the multi FX pedalboard -_-

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Biassmaster pedal by Malekko