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The C.I.T.Y. comes to Zanzibar to party

The C.I.T.Y. left ATX to return home and party at Zanzibar Houston. Though the crowd wasn’t visually receptive as Austin’s free crowd but we left the set with them jumping and gyrating and wanting more. Hopefully the Houston crowds can be more open to groove during the set. Just saying.

We refreshed the set already blazing set with Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven” and continued to bring the energy til midnight when we were forced to acquiesce our space to the DJ’s reign for the night AWWWW SUCH TORTURE!!! It’s undeniable that we killed our set and plenty of peeps weren’t ready to dance to the DJ yet…you should’ve seen them sitting there and a few asked me “how long is your break?” PROOF that they appreciated our music and show…they just …didn’t…show it like the amazing cool folks in ATX…not to knock our H-TOWN folks but dance and show us some love rather than the emotionless Stepford wives facial expressions….yeah…expressionless, right?

Rihanna-Pour it up

Bruno Mars-Locked out of Heaven   


Sunday blues

For church I dusted off my MTD KZX from the August/September break (NOTE:I didn’t neglect it, I “shedded” on it quite a bit privately). Though in need of new strings the dead dense feel+vintage warmth FX provided by the amp head easily created what I need…a not so dead tone. Hahaha yeah I know that I need to replace but it’s cool for now.

Today I woke up early (5:15) to play two services with sleepy kids. Nevertheless it was a joy to minister (wait!!! Who am I kidding?) and chat with them during service (and help them pass notes inconspicuously-gotta teach the kids how to be smooth)…oh yeah peep the threads.

Rig (not pictured): Markbass II head/Ampeg 4×10 cab







Bandtastic4’s heading back to the studio

Last night @bandtasticfour prepped songs in rehearsal to get back in the studio.

Axe: Fender Deluxe 24
Rig: Behringer Ultrabass head/G-K cab




Jack Freeman croons at Ovations

Setting: Ovations, Rice Village, Houston, TX. Saturday night 9/15/2012 around 9:45. One lead singer. Two backup singers (Lyndsay Freeman-_____ and a big bright tones gentleman). Four piece band: Cali on keys, Eggy on drums, Jimmy on guitar and me on bass.

Weapons of choice: condensed set with the best sound called for the gig.
•Ampeg 100 watt BA-15 combo
•Fender Jazz 4str
•Comfort Strapp
•Monster cable

@_jackfreeman swooned and crooned the feminine atmosphere with selections from his latest highly anticipated album Dark Liquoras well as known selections from his previous hit album.

This all woman audience clinger to their seats for some soft sensual vocal lines that their boyfriends envied. Vintage soul. It’s been a minute since I’ve played there…it’s still small and stuffy but the scenery was perfect for what they hoped for.






Bandtastic4 at Mink

@bandtasticfour played at the Mink for possibly the very last time. The club’s closing down for remodeling and estimated reopening date seems too grim for them to even guess which year ( yeah, that grim as of date).

We were the only non rock band rocking the stage. Of course you would’ve seen the typical stuff occur: amazing spray holding hair and tight jeans, loose jeans and more relaxed hair, cigs for days, stacks upon stacks upon stacks of amps to blow put everyone’s ears, plenty of guitars and drums for everyone to share, oh and drunk emotional guy lets loose on everyone and almost got beat up…twice.

So yeah we get on stage and do our usual thing…KILL IT!!! And the icing on top of that killing is that Dre is back so it was such a reunion that even the Beatles and Monkeys could envy. Yep-flame on was present and…flaming(?)

Weapons of choice:
•Behringer head/Bugera cab
•LM strap
•Monster cable
•BossGT10-B pedal



Esperanza Spalding at House of Blues [Houston,TX]

Great show. awesome energy. Beautiful music. &@1%¤¥¤©#? basslines

Wednesday night. Downtown. stepping out in my semi-best cuz it’s been such a productive day shedding on the new axe…

Her interactive interludes were filled with such positive energy. LOVE.NATURE.UNITY. iNTL/CULTURAL AFFAIRS AWARENESS…all that she shared was so positive that I didn’t want to miss a word.

each composition tied in well with her interactive interludes with the crowd. Such harmony between the.rhythm section and wind section…What more can I say?

And her basslines that laid such a marriage onto the compositions? BELLISSIMO!!!!


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Al Green at the Arena Theatre-Houston,TX

9:20pm. Show starts with Kandi Eastman of KMJQ (102.1FM) obliging to a fans request to start after 80 minutes of waiting -_-.

“Take me to the river!” started the show with the rev. Finally


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