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musicians matter in church…it pays to matter!

musicians have a crucial role in the church.  as Levites were summoned to utilize their gifts for varying purposes, it’s pertinent that one Levite/musician should be rewarded for their duties.  as a musician in ministry i can attest to PAY being the reoccurring issue in mainstream churches rumbling between administration and the hired music ministry. i’ve tried to stray away from the ‘church house’ scene because i’ve dealt with unchristian like characters mostly inside the church-house than outside where non-believers are prevalent.  and though this video covers specific parameters the general topic is a sticky one between all parties…

the workings of ministry: The Dirty Truth About Honoraria

As a musician active in ministry, along with a handful of college friends that have worked up the holy ranks out of seminary I wonder, where’s the respect for God’s work amongst His people???

Count up all of those hours: is that what we really think our preachers are worth?

via The Dirty Truth About Honoraria.


[a snapshot of the screen….worth the read-TRUST ME! if you make money PERIOD you can relate or else crawl back under your rock]