Camisha Ruffins, Bassist


blog entry of a traveling musician

blog entry of a traveling musician

weeks before-learned that Smokie Norful’s searching for female sings and a band. i tell everyone about it…quite reluctant as far as myself

march 4-4:45pm i decided to record a video for SN contest. also, it’s the day of the deadline

march 7~1pm i received a letter from SN’s camp notifying me that i’ve made it to the next round and inviting me to the next round of auditions

march 11th-1:30pm flight to Chicago is pushed back to 2:20 pm…arrived at midway at 5pm

march 12th-10:50am-i arrived to Victory Cathedral in Bolingbrook, IL…ahead of time. vocalists audition first. i was the first musician to audition…much was a surprise [that’s all im divulging]. 4:35pm-most of the room discovers that they didn’t advance to the next round

march 13th-returned home..prepping for a slew of SXSW shows

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