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wow! nevertheless i admire tough love from parents [within range]…no matter how old

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klay thompson

He may be a millionaire professional basketball player, but when it comes to Klay Thompson’s finances, his parents have him on a short leash. So embarrassing lol!

The Golden State Warriors guard, who is playing in just his second NBA season, learned a hard lesson after he was involved in an on-the-court skirmish this week. As a shoving match broke out between teammate David Lee and Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, players from both teams joined in on the fight.

As referees tried in vain to break it up, Thompson could be seen shoving Hibbert into the stands. His role in the brawl earned Thompson a $35,000 fine from the NBA, but that amount is nothing compared to punishment he received from his father, Mychal Thompson. The elder Thompson, a former NBA player himself with the Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Lakers, was watching the game from home and was…

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