Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Rehearsing with J Davey and the truth

I absolutely enjoy sight reading! Preparing yourself for the unknown (lovely oxymoron), always expecting to sweat it out and plunge through the notes @ 180bpm with a high expectancy of error and slight chance of true success…and there’s conspicuous leniency for minor mess ups just because.

So far, auditioning and rehearsing with J Davey and the Truth has been all sight reading due to a copying/dissemination situation with super large manuscript paper…oh well, I’m quite pleased with executing my part on sheer faith and a serious case of BS…quite convincing.

Supposedly next week the issue should be rectified (I DO like to be prepared), but I’m down with a rehearsal session of sight reading.

Axe: MTD635hybrid
Rig: behringer head/GK cab

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