Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Sunday blues

For church I dusted off my MTD KZX from the August/September break (NOTE:I didn’t neglect it, I “shedded” on it quite a bit privately). Though in need of new strings the dead dense feel+vintage warmth FX provided by the amp head easily created what I need…a not so dead tone. Hahaha yeah I know that I need to replace but it’s cool for now.

Today I woke up early (5:15) to play two services with sleepy kids. Nevertheless it was a joy to minister (wait!!! Who am I kidding?) and chat with them during service (and help them pass notes inconspicuously-gotta teach the kids how to be smooth)…oh yeah peep the threads.

Rig (not pictured): Markbass II head/Ampeg 4×10 cab







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