Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

From today, October 7 to some day two weeks from now I’m going on a fast. Not including food, just music. No I’m not overwhelmed but tired. As in any profession one must rest and reset. For me I need to seek any adjustments needed and accessible in maintaining a healthy passion for my current bread and butter. Burnt out not on learning about 70-100 songs/week and performing close to that number but on the facade that ally’s cool in BS and work. Yes I’ll work but not to the sole benefit of the abuser. I too got feelings, a loving family, and a demanding lifestyle which commands much time…I need dinner and a moment to watch live TV every now and then. When the rehearsals run long, my attention span grows tired and nerves run short, look-out world my short lived wrath will be a-coming.

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