Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Jack Freeman croons at Ovations

Setting: Ovations, Rice Village, Houston, TX. Saturday night 9/15/2012 around 9:45. One lead singer. Two backup singers (Lyndsay Freeman-_____ and a big bright tones gentleman). Four piece band: Cali on keys, Eggy on drums, Jimmy on guitar and me on bass.

Weapons of choice: condensed set with the best sound called for the gig.
•Ampeg 100 watt BA-15 combo
•Fender Jazz 4str
•Comfort Strapp
•Monster cable

@_jackfreeman swooned and crooned the feminine atmosphere with selections from his latest highly anticipated album Dark Liquoras well as known selections from his previous hit album.

This all woman audience clinger to their seats for some soft sensual vocal lines that their boyfriends envied. Vintage soul. It’s been a minute since I’ve played there…it’s still small and stuffy but the scenery was perfect for what they hoped for.






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