Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Dulche at First Fridays event [Chelsea Grille]

•Play off of the word dulce, signifying sweet in such an extraordinary way
•a band of ass kicking, music playing females
•yes we’re sweet!

Our first show was a taste to wet your throat and leave you wanting more…especially the crowd at First Fridays. Due to technological limitations the set was cut down to conserve premium dancing time for the masses not expecting a live performance. Sweet and straight to the point we hit hard with the music and tugged on their emotions of lost loves with songs that made some sing along…but we definitely caught their attention. A nice 5/6 piece ensemble (trombone, vocal, piano, auxiliary, drums and bass) we packed into that tight space provided and blew their minds! If interested in booking and such contact Suraiye at

Weapons of choice: condensed set with the best sound called for the gig.
•Ampeg 100 watt BA-15 combo
•Fender Jazz 4str
•Comfort Strapp
•Monster cable

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