Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtastic4 at Mink

@bandtasticfour played at the Mink for possibly the very last time. The club’s closing down for remodeling and estimated reopening date seems too grim for them to even guess which year ( yeah, that grim as of date).

We were the only non rock band rocking the stage. Of course you would’ve seen the typical stuff occur: amazing spray holding hair and tight jeans, loose jeans and more relaxed hair, cigs for days, stacks upon stacks upon stacks of amps to blow put everyone’s ears, plenty of guitars and drums for everyone to share, oh and drunk emotional guy lets loose on everyone and almost got beat up…twice.

So yeah we get on stage and do our usual thing…KILL IT!!! And the icing on top of that killing is that Dre is back so it was such a reunion that even the Beatles and Monkeys could envy. Yep-flame on was present and…flaming(?)

Weapons of choice:
•Behringer head/Bugera cab
•LM strap
•Monster cable
•BossGT10-B pedal



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