Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Jack Freeman at the House of Blues

1am. Bronze peacock room. House of blues.[HOU].the esteemed artist of the evening just finished his set.jack freeman that is.

I got there late enough to miss the nice guys (HOU) and D Hayes (DAL) nevertheless I got there in time for a really nice show…

Music was appreciated. I sat back and enjoyed it thoroughly. Then it was my time to play a little…let’s say around 12:15. beautiful music was played. I befriended talented guitarist Ben Cena (@bencinamusic) and awesome accompanying drummer Chesley Lorraine put of ATX. 220 (220music) from HTX put on an extended showcase of the plethora of hits they’ve created…nevertheless an enjoyable show.

the drums started off jack freeman’s show as a nice band intro into Lonely…good starting joint of course. Followed by His Place the pace slowed down and the color of the room went from blue to red with the sultry breath taking Away what a swooning the ladies were under!!!! it was obvious that the ladies were feeling this song…maybe a little too much lol. Soon as it ended the pace picked right back up for Visions, a high energy live sample feel. straight retro with this one! and if one fast moving hit wasn’t enough my good friend’s jam soon followed. starting with a kickin’ drum roll Lynnie’s World didn’t disappoint! [check it out at TRACK 2]. we slowed it down again for slow dance, but it was short lived as Love doens’t live here anymore soon started with the bass guitar riffing up a solo reminiscent of the original bassline. the show ended with Figure it out, also featuring the best of each instrumentalist on stage after most of the song has transpired….good concert indeed. if you missed it, well…you missed it. yep, sorry

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