Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Diamond in the rough? Me and Fender’s happy medium?

Lately I’ve been thinking about picking up a quality 4 string to beef up my arsenal of high powered axes. Certain situations made the thought cross my mind
•working in the blues world
•maximizing my musical efforts on such a small scaled bass like I did back when I began
•enjoying good players like Marcus, Esperanza,verdine and more groove with just an E as their low

As I said this thought has crossed my mid a few times and on a whim I just happened to stop at my nearby GC and passed by a used Korean made fender deluxe series jazz 24. Active/passive. Mono-volume knob…mid-scoop “slap switch”. Sunburst…now a little about me:

•not a big fender fan
•always a fan of 24 frets
•sunbursts always seemed lame to me

But this bass is making me eat my words! As soon as i got it i went to a rehearsal and it was a delight to hear. No need for the slap switch when the tone given is funky and clean!!!i think I found a gem 🙂

I’m gonna enjoy my 30 days before I lay the verdict…see u in 30 days

fenderdeluxe fender-deluxe-series-jazz-bass-24

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