Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

There goes my baby…

Well, im mot trying to sing Usher’s hit but I guess I could’ve when I picked up my baby “Naughty Amber” this week from the shop. And it Sounds beautiful. Those minor upgrades by the bass master himself has made this bass such a great add to my low end arsenal…yeah, it’s that good. It’s slight varying audible qualities from my KZX makes still a winner in my book…and the spacing is just the same this It’s almost second nature from the beginning…I just know that I can’t play this beast on Jazz/Blues/some hip hop gigs…well last night I played for a worship experience at an African gathering and with the perfect system set in place my sound heard by the audience was divine!!!! Thus it definitely passed the field test…the sound was so glorious that in reconsidering further modding…really it’s no MAJOR need to polish an already good sound! But after 5 hours of playing my shoulder was asking “why a 6 string?!?” time for that massage I’ve been stalling to get…


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