Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

[SXSW:ATX:day deux]

Stayed up til 6am watching Frazier/friends/I ❤ Lucy…also exactly 5 hours since I chugged a 5hr energy on i10. Woke up around 11am on st. Paddy's day in an apt inhabited now by 2/3 of the bandtastic4 (trust me my math is accurate). Parked on the drag and ate at qdoba (I thought they only dominated airport food courts…but this is ATX). Walked from 26/28/UT territory to SoCo (south of congress) and bought gorgeous jewelry from the artisan street kiosks.



Enjoyed good FREE “south by…” music showcase events along the way, and not to mention good food.

By 8pm or so enjoyed a free edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros and mumford and sons on the UT lawn.


Honestly I didn’t rock out on the urban tip like my friends and such but shoutout to those new cats I’m following on instagram; I was still abreast of the events that went down because of these new connections.

Next stop: New Orleans. Bandtastic4

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