Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bass thumpin’ hybrids: costly Sacrilege?

Musical heresy. Lifetime cardinal sinner. Sacrilegious bass modifier. The scarlet three letters (M-T-D). When does modifying go too far?

Making such altering adjustments to an already perfect beast seems damning to those stiffers BUT what if that “perfect beast” kinda lost the flair, that loving feeling (yeah that’s a righteous brothers tribute). Below is documented evidence that sometimes the costly beauty is not enough (I’ll wait til later to share the story of my beast). To some of my hardcore affiliate MTDers that’s how this bass vexes them so, but they need to open their minds and ears; it’s about how it sounds baby, it’s about how it sounds 🙂

Such a classic example is the MTDowsky: MTD tonal carcass with a Sadowsky preamp, and possibly more…



Well, here’s an early 90s MTD 635…now close your eyes…think of Jaco’s bass, the tone, the nonpresence of frets, and the overall appearance…now imagine a bass with an ash body carries that MTD USA tonal flavor with a MOSES graphite neck. Yeah I know! That sounds like a cardinal sin right??? To my MTD4lyferz of course but it growls and purrs as if no modifications occurred!!!! Paper and serials are underway (even for just the body right? Original neck has disappeared years ago).




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