Camisha Ruffins, Bassist


Waiting, It’s just part of life….

I’m waiting on a sign…that’s the wrong idea. I’ll spend my life in search of some “sign”…kinda like ponce Deleon searching for the 7 golden cities of cibola.

I’m still salivating over a dreamy performance 4 string, that’s definitely a Wyn-Wyn situation dontcha think? Dont be such a Roscoe about it!!!! Or just be MTD4LYFE???? Hmmmm, yeah I may

I realize that as I continue on this path of furnishing my brand I’ll have to make a choice-stick to what I know or explore

YOLO-you only live once. It’s expected of me to make mistakes, just trying to live life…one piece of equipment at a time.

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