Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

when acquiring gear doesn’t feel good…

last night i stopped by windsor village to check out a couple of my friends during their organized band rehearsal.  and while i was there i managed to relive the anticipated moment I had initially at NAMM when I played on a Wyn bass [after so much  hearsay].  from my knowledge there are atleast three bassists employed here: as Pat and Jerry practiced on their 6/5 stringed Smiths, Craig whipped out his 6 string Wyn bass [his other prized musical possession is a 6 stringed performance bass].  Tuned low F# B E A D G and balanced with the perfect Comfort Strap, I fell in love all over again [the performance bass is yet another lovely axe but his model’s frets are too wide].  as i lusted after his axe I realized that that’s my next one for a while unless ‘a deal of a lifetime’ pops into existence…i see why he sold his MTD KZ6 for this baby

I started to ponder on my choice of actions…I have friends that boasts more than 20 snares and manages to play on all of them every once in a while, and so far I’ve done a decent job giving my playable axes an opportunity to shine in different venues, but am I starting to buy just to buy???  Lately i’ve started to feel that way, and like stuffing one’s self with food nonstop it doesn’t feel good.  i know PLENTY of purveyors of fine musical instruments without the talent and MANY talented musicians without  the fine instruments…what makes me different?  before shelling out $4Gs I just want to make certain that I have the world tours coming my way so these beautiful axes will be seen lol.

I know that like many women out there our closets aren’t ever ‘too filled’ with black stilettos; but another cute black pair with tasty sequence won’t hurt my collection…will it??? that’s how i started to feel, which is great and depressing; depressing that i’m stopping myself from leaping on the bandwagon of buying yet another sweeeeet axe but good because i get to sort out my ideas of desires..wants and needs.  at the end i’ve summed it up that after this MTD KZ6 [check 2nd recent post] i’m gonna invest in this beautiful wyn that craig’s sending me the info on…i just pray that i’ll garner more work to cover the longterm costs-feeling good about this majestic purchase.



…but honestly i’m thinking about satisfying my passive fix some way…maybe through another endorsement

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