Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

another modded MTD KZ-series case

as i’m on the quest to customize my KZ6, i’ve checked out  more modded MTD KZ-series basses and stumbled upon a cool Talkbass forum entry.  this time it’s on KZ5.

this modded 5 comes with upgraded Vilex Pickups, Aguilar OBP3, and a BadAss Bass Bridge.

“I cant agree more! Upgrade these basses and

you will get close to an American MTD for fairly

little money. I have a KZX Ltd. and thats pretty darned close.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i’ve been a fan of bad ass bridges since my youth, and since then i’ve placed ‘modding’ onto the back burner but maybe it’s something worth considering if i continue this modding process…

Another modification can be found here:

Seymour Duncan pups with retro frequency-phile preamp should sound really nice…

Decisions decisions decisions…

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