Camisha Ruffins, Bassist


Welcome to the “axe heavy hittaz” family: Dirty Amber Bomb

2010 MTD KZ6 [satin amber] +upgraded bart pups and SKB hard case for a decent price…let’s just say that it’s a nice deal.

i guess i can properly fill my MTD double gigbag with two MTDs [my main axe is an MTD KZX]…i’ve received a Cort Curbow 6 string as an addition that’s quite the perfect fit for my hands. with a single Bart pup and the high C , it’s a lovely complementing device to my latest 6 string which i’m adjusting the strings to be F# B E A D G…this is gonna be fun. also, i’m going to give some time pre and post setup to make a decision of whether or not to upgrade the preamp [different forums are telling me to upgrade for the par-settings that lay within the built-in preamp…idk, but what i do know is that my KZX boasts nice custom Bart pres and pups…

now here’s a fine example of a ‘pro pimped MTD KZ6’ found on talkbass forums []

according to the seller, he pimped his KZ6 axe with OB3-preamp, Bridge and Nordstrand Big Splits, performed by Bass Exchange in Los Angeles.

on another forum i’ve found the following to be an interesting alternative to Mike Tobias’s all Bart package [i.e.-my MKZX’s electronic entrails]

“So I found a cat on talkbass who did a Nordy DC5’s each with a coil tap, Audere 4 band with Z-mode and am going to try that.”

here goes yet another fantastic job done well by the bass exchange out in CA []

This is a 2007 MTD KZ 6 with over $800 in upgrades selling for $1,500 OBO (with shipping covered up to $50).


35″ Scale
6 String Bass (B-E-A-D-G-C tuning)
New set of Dean Markley SR 2000 Strings (Still In The Box)
47 1/2″ Overall Length
53.25 mm Nut Width
18.5mm String Spacing at Bridge
10 lbs (on Floor Scale)
Mahogany Body, Maple Burl Top, Matte Finish
Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard
Hipshot Ultralite Tuners (upgrade)
Hipshot B Bridge (upgrade)
Graphtech Graphite Nut (upgrade)
Nordstrand Big Splits, Custom Sized (upgrade)
Audere 18V Preamp (upgrade)
Black Steel Knobs (upgrade)
Knob Config – Vol – Blend – Treble – Mid/Stack – Bass
Treble Frequency Select Switch
Hennessey Strap Locks
Fender Tweed Gig Bag (for Protection Only)

decisions Decisions DECISIONS!!!!

oh well, atleast i’ve grown certain to the name Dirty Blonde Bomb Dirty Amber Bomb, Dirty Amber Blonde (Bomb), i came up with the name it??? or maybe i should call her dirty amber for short [dirty diana’s daughter lol] share your thoughts

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