Camisha Ruffins, Bassist


patiently waiting

sorry for this entry but i’m in the midst of just feeling myself right now [excuse me]…my mind’s on the clean road so don’t worry-no need to hide your kids and wives for this blog entry i’m great, i’m just ecstatic about my newest addition to my bass family, a 6 string modified MTD KZ-6+pup upgrade and more…for the price i realize that it’s fair considering all of the contents in the deal.

as an MTD KZX owner and KZ6-modified i wait for my mtd kz-6 to be modified slightly [i’m replacing the stock pups for some barts as starters-came with the deal along with an skb case] i’m taking it all in from my hands on NAMM experience…im definitely an MTDer fo’ lyfe [whoa der with that spelling lol] but for the same price of that extremely light wilkins bass [sportin’ a mean mango wood] i can buy a wyn, which is more lust-worthy in my book [onl if they can hollow it out a bit more for me]…i definitely want to invest in a lovely custom MTD as well as wyn [i’m loving that koa texture]; one that can sound like ME all over it.

just as i am a certified mac-head, i’m all in love with my MTD axes…but i’m definitely into acquiring a wyn…dang it felt so good at NAMM!!

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