Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

instruments will be allowed on flights as carry-on

great news!  an official notice has been disseminated that congress has passed legislation which allows instruments to be recognized as carry-ons!  i just hope that the emancipation proclamation all flight associates will be aware of this awesome change and will quit harassing us faithful musical servants at the desks as we’re trying to leave them in the first place.

to be honest the two times my bass had to go ‘under’ as checked baggage resulted in broken cases and axes, but i’m grateful that it was two times out of hundreds!  i bet flautists never have this issue but for us heavyweights packing one if not two bass guitars [and the likes] in the past we’ve pretty much have been asking for the weird calls by those people [and don’t get me started on TSA]…i hope that the effects will be felt pretty soon bc i’m tired of exhausting my resources assuring people who’ve never flown with such a travel case that i’ve done my homework and am confident that i won’t cause any delays…flight people be prepared to lighten up-i’m packing two basses for now on so be prepared!




SNAPSHOT of the actual AFM release:

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