Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtastic4 at Stereo Live

cool.rainy. thursday night. confusion was thick in the air.  not from our end but from …you know [management’s]…we ready. always.  i pray that never a time will occur that we’ll be insecure of our readiness…[did that make sense…oh well].  so we began to gather before 6pm and soundchecked but 7:30p or so. took to the stage [showtime] around 10:15pm or so. killed like always [typing in confidence not in cockiness favor-TRUST!].  once again we shared with the audience our snippet of a new release…if you missed it twice then you must wait for the next EP “all hope lies in doom” release…and since i was uncapable of multitasking to the fullest [play and record footage] hopefully footage can be found soon but in the meantime enjoy these pre-show pics.


We’re live at studio live! Can you tell?


Tanisha subbing on the drums


@fullmetalfdot sitting on the drums


visual artist @seanDblanco chops it up with “the thing” cale borne image

our condensed setlist [notes originally Tanisha florence’s-sub in drummer]image

1st floor galleryimage

The stage from the second floor


2nd floor art gallery

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