Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Sunday night jam session at jailhouse saloon

So I went out to old town spring with my stony&hemp drummer kevin berry to assemble with stony at a jam session at the jailhouse saloon ( 310 N Preston St Spring, TX 77388) in olde town spring, TX. Man it was so far and so much fun!

Anika  chambers and the house rules (band) sung etta james’s I would rather go blind’  (I’ll search for the video on youtube)

So kevin and I arrive right as a jam set was ending so no time to dir and throw back a few as we walked straight to the stage (well, people made their way to ask if I was going play-yeah they see that I was packing something on my back). We played a few and won the crowd over from the start…now if e can capture their attention with impromptu jams I’m giddy about how powerful we’ll be when we perform with a couple of practices under our belt.

after our impromptu set Charlie parker band (the house band) ended the sunday night jam with a soft set…their last song tastefully was Riviera paradise by stevie ray vaughn- ‘couldnt stand the weather’ album (i think lol).  

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