Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Past week’s gig in review

Last Sunday of January. 3rd minute past 2:15am. Just arrived home from a gig in Webster,TX. all female trio (me and my gals Julia Smith and Melanie Bivens) backing an affluent poet whose words were quite edgy and provocative…that one man show was sufficient but he had to add Marium Echo to the program and my my my did the expected bar set was raised astronomically. I bought her mixtape (though it was at a discount its so good that I would’ve paid double for the live quality + awesome content. I hope those that recorded segments of the show will upload them to youtube.

Midnight or a little bit before. Me, Julia Smith on drums, casey colello wrecking the mic, cale borne rippin the guitar strings hopped on stage after awesome acts such as soulutionn, justified and others…after 3-4 hours good and sub par performances (not trying to be mean but…im joking lol) the crowd thinned out nevertheless we rocked it whether it was 50 or 5000 fans and groupies…

Sunday I’m guaranteed to do my last gig for a while (well hopefully not)…yep two church services st the church without walls ( log on and watch any of the six weekly services!

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