Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

In Houston, now what?

After such an intense injection of music, I arrive home with money on my mind. Rehearsal about 2 hours after my flight touched down (gig’s Saturday); rehearsal Wednesday (gig’s Sunday); rehearsal Thursday (gig’s Friday)….so, this is what happened last night.

So my plane touched down in Houston around 4:50pm. Left baggage claim around 5:20. At my place by 5:45. Swapping vehicles, removing my traveling bags and placing an amp and bass in my car. Heading to my rehearsal around 6:15. Arrived at my rehearsal around 6:55. Rehearsal started late…around 7:30. Rehearsal ended around 10:45. We chatted til I left the place around 11:15. Arrived home around 11:45. Web-trekking til 2something. Asleep by 2:30am or so. And up by 2:15pm.

This may seem extreme but the other musicians I was with at NAMM had gigs/jam sessions as well SOOO grinding doesn’t stop for us professionals.

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