Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

NAMM: final day

Sunday arrives.adrenaline rush overshadowed with a melancholy tone as this mecca of all things music is soon to end.

First stop-SKB cases. theyre showcasing multi-use cases ready and treated for the forthcoming airplane abuse.

As I passed by booths I was intrigued by the neon strings buy NEON STRINGS

Look who I found lurking in the SWR booth

And check out this drummer who’s endorsed by Ibanez

And though us musical professionals were here for the intended purpose, some companies still accommodated the sports fix for some of us.

on another note today is typically the day where manufacturers who desire to travel home to light (which is most of them actually) begin to bargain hard to avoid heavy toting woes with such precious cargo. So I chose to make deals with companies providing my needs rather than satisfying my wants…so for an incredible deal I bought 2 straps from LM straps and a Levy’s double bass guitar gig bag from Michael Tobias…i saved over $300 with my deals!

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