Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

What my camera couldn’t capture

As my last post stated, more was to come.  Well, like many NAMM attendees my phone died RIGHT as my night, starting on such a high night was on the brink of propelling into the stratosphere of satisfaction.

•Verdine White of EWF (Earth Wind and Fire) graced the stage alongside Bootsy and funky friends.
•I met and chatted with a random guy who approached my group (cuz they know everybody).  This guy, toting an alto sax case like other talented people here, actually is the man of the hour which we traveled to see.  Who’s this guy you ask? Michael Philips is he and such a great performer he is!  Throughout the concert he spoke of his moments where he was beyond discouraged and on the verge of quitting God sent the right people to give him sound advice that still resonates with him still, shaping him into the humble musician I saw on stage. I’m so grateful to soak in someone’s testimony, I can echo his sentiments, attesting to similar qualmish moments in my career/ministry still. And while he serenaded the crowd with incredible musicians supporting his music guess who I see being guided to his seat? Stevie Wonder made an appearance and stole the show ever so gracefully!!!! If you weren’t there you missed an experience of a lifetime!!!!!

Tonight was such a learning and encouraging experience. Even earlier when I had a chance to chat with my bass guitar heroes…their mind soluble words soaked inso I am refocusing….readjusting

Such a night!

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