Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

NAMM: day 3 morning post

went to bed around 3am PST. pillow talk until my pillow talked to me around 4am. woke up at 7am. left the room 7:15 for a morning workout and devotion in the hotel’s gym. back in the room at 8:20. longer than i expected. responding to emails, eating a steak, adjusting my blog posts for your reading pleasure now AND doing my research (following up with musicians i’ve met and appreciating their work online). about to shower then fall back asleep before they hound me to get up for NAMM…i know it’s weird because people who KNOW me know that typically I wake up 5-6 days a week in the PM in any western timezone.

my body is in such a transition lag because i’m up about to collapse one moment, then i catch a second and third wind that’ll last me until 2am or so, then i wind up staying awake til the sun fights to creep beyond the mountains…i’m gonna be one sad case when i return to da H

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