Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

rehearsal footage of killa kyleon

i know it’s 1/1/2012 but already i’m in the mood to clear off my hard drive and other cluttered areas in my life…hence vids of a few rehearsals that i’ve managed to capture [for reference of spur of the moment magic or the artist keeps reconsidering options for shows, or ideas for songs]…

late summer of 2010 was a cool time in some of the hottest times in texas.  as stated in EARLIER posts,  the story about how i got the gig to play with killa kyleon was a result of a good friend who tweets for a living and while scouting out pages and stumbled upon a tweet of an opportunity for me…fast forward a bit and i’m in the midst of linking up with *fyre factory band/magik shoes of magik eye studios to back up killa kyleon.  he’s a cool cat enthralled with his craft and  we provided top notch music that DJs wish that their serato could create [beyond a syncing cheat #OOPS]…anyways, a little of our many rehearsals revealed.


letter to pimp C


bodies hit the floor


gangsta’s life [snippet]


Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘poison’

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