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up all night: watching, learning, growing

just a few of the thousands of vids i see all the tim<randomly selected>

.:[grind never sleeps]:.

Divinity Roxx

Al Smith’s Jam session-Wednesdays @ Apache Cafe, ATL

Nik West giving a tutorial


Forbidden Fruit

Wait a Minute

Michael Pipoquinha  aka the brazilian wonderkid

brandon rose and his band

solo on Bobby Jones Gospel

Rhonda Smith

Victor Wooten explaining why ppl avoid soloing

beauty of ‘wrong notes’ via exploring the chromatic scale

Believe it or not i was there!  I took off from working [and i was a teacher lol]

annnnd there too…

the latest Youtube treasures found!

I’ve found some more rugged footage of me in action. This time i’m captured ministering at Brookhollow Baptist Church [The Church Without Walls] in Houston, TX [Dr. Ralph Douglas West, Pastor]. Someone was kind enough to post this from 2 Easters past…thank you!

Marvelous by Walter Hawkins

[i know He lives within my heart…i think]

New mixtape drop-I am John Black

Dingy 8bit lounge feel. That’s how Dean’s clothing store clothes you. Also, with a deejay and a live drummer it’s the perfect scenery for John black to display his talents. “I am John black” is out there-cop dat. N visit this dingy jewel on lower Main St. In da H.

Cool times downtown-Dean’s clothing store

En route to Dean’s clothing store, a little slice of avante garde heaven. A real treat when you have an appetite for an alternative to the mundane mainstream.

Archival footage of me playing with Nicholas Zork in Stamford, CT

I was Youtube surfing some vids and found a couple of me playing with Nick Zork for the GNYC Leadership Congress in Stamford, CT . We ministered across the board with songs to appeal the masses including showcasing one of his many awesome worship songs “High Priest of Heaven” [DISCLAIMER: These are NOT my video but my BASSLINES]

High Priest of Heaven Pt. 1

High Priest of Heaven Pt. 2

Strong and Mighty

[Lord you are] Good

Bandtastic4 at The Jet Lounge

As captured here showcasing in from of a crowd hungry for good music on a rainy night (along with a great duo Cadence and that “Tje” guy from the voice), Bandtastic4 is composed of eclectic characters performing vicariously through the comic masterpiece from which the band has credited its existence. Showcasing awesome music with a distorted kazoo and dirty tambourine, catch us at our next performance!


1031 East 24th Street Houston, TX 77009


8pm/$8 entry free

Studio stop-studio C7


Left the big easy and stopped by a studio in the heights. Studio C7 is a full-service studio specializing in nothing but the hits. I chose to stop by and lace some basslines on a few tracks, but I’m also known to operate in the B room (yeah I’m an audio engineer too-live and studio settings).