Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

When to become ill of ill-preparation?

Yesterday. 12-25-2011. Yep, Christmas according to the modern western world. To me-a reduced work day [6:30a-11:30a]. What kind of work you might ask? Let’s just say that I’m a musician in a religious setting. So a poorly constructed list of songs for Sunday was sent to the musicians for yesterday’s services….we didn’t play according to the list but “watch the worship leader”…but the worship leader isn’t showing hand signals in proper timing for a smooth transition to songs that we have no idea that we’re gonna play…yep. Unclear signals to random songs. What a test to my mental musical Rolodex in front of a bellowing crowd?!? Another issue is the mysterious fill-in musicians or Sunday. Those fill-ins couldn’t be aggressive on the set as well as play with the band; instead they strayed away on the keyboard and forced us [me and the organist] to atop and listen to his low volumes playing for a couple of seconds…during church? Because they failed to prepare thoroughly I will fail to be so hard on myself hen orchid in a situation such as this. Merry Christmas right? What a gift.

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