Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

This Wednesday past’s jam at The Big Easy

me on bass [was signed in to play by someone else-GO FIGURE]! this bluesy soulful guitarist named tony.  he’s a looker too.  kevin berry on the set. all i need to say is that ‘this has been the best threesome i’ve been in YET!  and i’m not looking forward to future threesome fun but this menage a musical trois was the perfect blend that could put on yet another crowd pleasing set after a second line new orleans brass band came in and brought the house down.  no mics needed nor any energy drinks as they brought it all.  vids will be posted later.  stay tuned.

back to my set.  it was str8 impromptu, thus giving me carte blanche to be optimistic of my performance without the angst of judging myself of the faults and mess ups that MAY arise.  it’s a jam session, and the fact that these cats gave me clear direction before and throughout the songs made the jam experience even more pleasant.  we gel’d on the basis of professionalism.  kevin and tony are interested in me joining them for recording a few projects and traveling as a band in 2012 so such expectations of my musicianship was set and based on kevin’s word that i can carry the load tony didn’t doubt [if you know kevin you wouldn’t doubt his word either].    

kevin’s the one who describe the jam experience ideally: it’s a hit or miss.  thus i shouldn’t feel ashamed or bat myself up when the guitarists arent leading me to the next leg of the song or if the drummer can keep a consistent tempo!  it’s a jam session.

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