Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

My Music Therapy

doctors need doctors to care for them. pastors need prayer warriors to pray for them. musicians need therapy. of course i can do my research and listen to other amazing musicians but this time i needed to chat with 1 of 2 of my big brothers. one bro is big ken [bassist @ wheeler ave baptist houston,TX] and the other is phil moore [REAL audio engineer/keys for new mt. calvary baptist church].

on some random thursday nights i find myself in trinity gardens/5th ward jamming it out for my pleasure with a group of awesome ppl at new mt. calvary baptist church off kelley st. [new barbara jordan high school]. as i recall, i’ve wandered to this side of town past nightfall in the quest for solace and a much needed chat with my big bro afterwards. playing in their rehearsal

  • allows me to shed in btwn gigs
  • expand my church repertoire bc some church is eventually gonna play these songs again
  • be in an environment of peace…it’s the praise team so these 5-7 ppl seem to always welcome me
  • when I make that transition to their church i’ve already made such an impression
  • make meaningful small talk with God’s people

accompanying the praise team is me, phil on keys and jerrin on drums. yet another great musical threesome. and after each great rehearsal we end in prayer which i appreciate even more. it just feels genuine. i can’t describe it but God must be steering me over here.

after it’s over i chill with my big bro and we chat til 11pm at times. regardless the initial topic the conversation always manages to realign my perspective on this music game and i always walk away being better than i was. everytime. we get on topics like the pimp game that the church house bestows on the music ministry, the prevalence of homosexuality in the black church [i’m quite open-minded so i’m not up to judge, we just ‘dissect’ this phenomena], the corruptive stance of the music industry, not losing yourself to succeed in this music game, and so on creativity develops these questions….

so i found myself in fifth ward on yet another thursday night. leaving better than i arrived

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