Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtastic4’s voyage at Dan Electro’s

Bandtastic4 at Dan Electros

Bandtastic4 at Dan Electros

Friday night past. Running late a little. Frigid cold outside. Club’s pretty vacant at the moment I stepped in. A groupie/original invisible girl bought me a dos equis with lime (ok-2 thumbs up). Perfect pairing to the vitamin C I overdosed in battling this cold or whatever.

It’s time for me to put my gigging amps in the shop so i acquiesced to bring the 150lb Big Bertha of all of my amp inventory-behringer 4500h head and cab; 450 watts of thumping sexy subtones (yikes!).

Thanks to the band’s pre-show chat with each other and the fans that beer infused charge enabled and equipped me to play beyond the internal battles. Though I didn’t move much (the spotlights were unusually close to us on stage) I still jammed a bit; even for the bartender to give me and the drummer beers on her. Awesome night.

Each group brought an refreshing facet that colored the show. After a great acoustic set by a great duo Cadence, it was our time to perform…we’re doing a dynamic set based on the first tracks of Fullmetal F Dot’s album [downloadable here].  After our awesome performance the premier band for the night headed to the stage and put on an awesome show.  Dani Vargas Band is a spanish instrumental band with a cool sound.



Cadence []

Dani Vargas Band []

Fullmetal F Dot’s album [downloadable here]


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